Do you want to get more and pay less? Try Digital.

ONTIME MEDIA offers a full range of services in creation and placement of advertisements in the Internet:

Video advertising

Promote your video on YouTube,, Yandex. Video and in social media (VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki). Get thousands of views per day!

Banner advertisement

Show your ad banners on hundreds of specialized sites popular among your target audience. We will handle media selection and targeting adjustments and you’ll simply get the result!

We use with banner networks that work on advanced RTB and DSP technologies with varied targeting settings (geo, age, device type), with auction payment system. You pay only for contacts with your target audience!

Paid search

If you need to increase sales, employ contextual advertising. Yandex and Google will display our message to the users searching for your product, or interested in your category. It is the most popular online ad format, preferred by thousands of advertisers worldwide as the main campaign media.

Advertising in social media

Do you have an account in social media? Millions of users do have. They spend considerable amount of time daily chatting with friends, reading news, sharing moments of their lives and much more. Bring them your unique selling proposition and get the feedback!

Advertising in social media is the most advanced targeting tool available. We will help you with VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Moi Mir and LinkedIn campaign settings.

Mobile advertising

According to TNS (on of the largest media researchers in the world) mobile internet audience is over 50 million users! Online search for information, audio and video content, online communication are no longer limited by desktop computers, it continues on mobile devices, mobile versions of sites, in applications.

Mobile advertising offers widest targeting possibilities, including device model (iPhone, Galaxy Note, etc), app categories (Gett Taxi, Yandex.Maps, etc) at minimum price.

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