A successful media campaign is based on effective media planning. Professionally built strategy and detailed media placement tactics are not less important for the campaign impact than a strong message and exquisite design. You can have beautiful images, significant media discounts, 100% product distribution, but unless you have a solid media plan, losses from a non-optimal placement can be regrettable.

ONTIME MEDIA planning specialists will use their expertise to layout your multimedia campaign.

We provide full cycle analytic services:

We base the planning of our clients’ media campaigns on data from the largest media research companies in the market: TNS, ComCon, Espar-Analytic and other.

We also have our own online research panel with of weekly tracking possibility of the current campaign effectiveness, to assess the impact of the advertising towards your brand KPI (awareness, ad recall, sales, loyalty).

We have analytical tools to estimate synergy of all the campaign media, and we can also compare the achieved results vs. competitors.

And finally we have a vast experience of long and short-term strategic planning of advertising campaigns.

We guarantee our Clients full cycle media planning at the minimum price.

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