One of the main areas of activity of ONTIME MEDIA advertising agency is outdoor. We offer a full range of services in outdoor campaign planning, production and placement all over the Russian Federation.

We can deliver your advertisement to the citizens of more than 400 cities in Russia and CIS countries - Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova etc.

Advantages of outdoor advertising:

  • Outdoor ads cannot be “muted” or “switched off”;
  • Unavoidable daily contacts with the target audience;
  • Larger target audience because of the ever increasing mobility of the population;
  • Low CPT;
  • Ideal option for navigation signs placement;
  • Wide range of options for non-standard placements.

Why you should choose our agency

We use our own unique outdoor planning tool to select an optimal mix and quantity of formats for your target audience: maximum coverage of your target audience within the given budget.

Should you wish to use such an effective media as outdoor advertising, do not hesitate to contact our Agency. We know everything about outdoor advertising!

We’ll estimate media parameters and advise you where you could cut the budget money and where you shouldn’t. We’ll help to design posters and organize a quick delivery to any city of the Russian Federation.

We know where to expect bottlenecks and how to avoid them.

Each day of ad placement costs a significant amount of money, so it is essential to be on time with each stage of the ad campaign. If you are on time, you won’t have to face empty billboards on the first days of the campaign, but only get excellent return from each and every rouble spent.

The ad formats we work with

Standard formats

  • Supersites 15х5
  • Billboards 6х3
  • City boards 3.7х2.7
  • Street furniture (bus stops, city-format, pillars)
  • Digital Outdoor

The outdoor ad format that is rapidly gaining popularity! As of the beginning of 2016 there are more than 100 ad units installed in Moscow - and counting!

Transit advertising

  • Advertising on public transport (buses, trolley buses etc.)
  • Advertising in subway (in subway trains, passages, on subway platforms and escalators)
  • Advertising in suburban trains/long-distance trains

Each ad campaign is special

We guarantee individual approach to each Customer. We genuinely value our Customers and believe that each business is unique in a way. This means that we get to know your product and your market to promote it most effectively. That’s the only way to achieve the best results!


We know everything about outdoor advertising!

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